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Who we are

Pepita Design

Pepita Design is a design studio founded by Alessandra Scarfò and Valeria Bosca. 
The two internationally-minded designers have a common matrix common matrix of design and style.
The studio operates in the fields of interior, product and graphic design. 
Interior design projects include residential and commercial. Space design iscomplemented by product design and production.
The studio has created several collections of furniture and complementary furniture. Great attention is given to the choice of materials where quality is synonymous with durability. Are selected marbles, woods and metals, experimenting with producti
on techniques that craftsmanship and high technology.
In the field of graphics and art direction the studio has worked with different realities dealing with the brand identity of companies, from the logo creation, graphics, illustrations, packaging and merchandising

What we do

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Product Design

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Interior Design

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Graphic Design

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